What is our road-map for our SET-BC Project Outcome Report? Where are we at in developing our final report? If there are digital samples, artifacts, displays, consider creating links on your blog.

After speaking with Monica during out check-in phone call, my plan is to use a slide show for my Project Outcome Report.  The table of contents will basically follow the SET-BC list of requirements for the final report.  The blog posts we have been keeping along the way will be a useful resource for writing the report. I plan to include some links to student projects and any other artifacts that I may find useful.  If time permits, I would like to include some video of students speaking about the experience.  I’m not sure if a slide show with videos will be too large to upload.  I can make it using the slide app on Google Drive.  That way, I can share the link to the slide show rather than uploading.  Is this a possibility?

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