June, 2018

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The End

Today I am still scrambling to get my report finished and several groups are still working on finishing up their final projects.  This has been such a great experience for the student and me.  We have learned so much.  There are many things I will do the same in future and there are definitely somethings I would change or plan for better.  Time was an issue, so I will start sooner next time.  Building independence in the students is something I can streamline a bit too with some more modeling and pre-loading.  A highlight for me was watching what happened when I released control and handed the reigns over to the students.  It was amazing to see what they are capable of and how interested they are in the topics they chose.  A big wish was to have more opportunity for students to collaborate with members of the T’Sou-ke Nation, but it was difficult to get in touch with people as everyone is so busy.

Thank you sincerely for the opportunity.