What software and/or apps and extensions have we used/explored for this project? Are there any useful tips that we can share with the teams or usage/troubleshooting tips that we have identified?

Hi Everyone,

Hope your projects are going well!

To answer the first questions for this blog, we haven’t really started using any of the software or apps to create our projects yet, because we are still mapping out project plans and developing inquiry questions.  To do this, our kids are using a variety of sources like websites, books, videos, brochures, discussion with each other and with people knowledgeable on their topic.

We use google classroom to post templates, criteria and resources to help with their research.  The students keep most of their project data and work in their google drives which is very handy because they can access their work from school or home and it doesn’t matter which classroom device they use because their files are associated with their login, not with one Chromebook or iPad.

A couple of discoveries I have made along the way are a good search resource for kids:


And, a great site for purchasing cheap second hand books, both fiction and non-fiction:


I spent a bit of money on non-fiction books, but I got a lot more for my money than I would on Amazon or Scholastic.

Still on the lookout for videos and tutorials on some of the apps we received.


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